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Common Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder


Some of these symptoms can be seen in another mysterious illness bipolar disorder. According to Dr. Barbara D. Ingersoll and Dr. Sam Goldstein is bipolar disorder (also called manic depression) “a condition characterized by periods of depression alternating with periods of excessive cheerfulness and increased energy that is much more than just a good mood.”

This phase is called mania. The symptoms can fast-flowing thoughts, extreme talkativeness and include sleep a reduced need. In fact, the sufferer can go long without sleep days, with no visible loss of energy. Another symptom of bipolar disorder is highly impulsive behavior without taking the consequences into account. “Mania often affect people’s thinking, judgment and social behavior in ways that cause serious problems and embarrassment,” says a report by the US National Institute of Mental Health. How long does the manic phase? Sometimes just a few days; in other cases it remains for months before being replaced by depression.

People with family members who have bipolar disorder are in the highest risk of developing this disease. The good news is that there is hope for sufferers. “If it is diagnosed early and treated correctly,” says the book The Bipolar Child, “can these children and lead their families lives that are very stable.”

It is important to note that a single symptom does not indicate depression or bipolar disorder. Usually it is a combination of symptoms that are seen over time, leading to a diagnosis. The question still remains: Why are teens afflicted by this mysterious disease?