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How running improves your Health


It’s always said that exercise increases the longevity of life, running especially has many benefits. It makes us mentally and physically fit. It also boosts emotional strength. Regular running can prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke, cancer and many other problems. Cancer risk is reduced by running. Running during chemotherapy improves the quality of life.

The best thing about running is it improves blood circulation and there by helps us to ensure that all parts of our body receive good oxygenated blood supply which is required for good functioning of all organs and all bodily parts. In this way more nutritional absorbent takes place, more calories are burnt and used and hence less fat accumulation takes place.

It helps improve the quality of sleep, improves the mood and concentration. Running is a cardio vascular exercise that is very good for the heart. At times of depression it acts as an anti-depressant. Running helps to burn lots of calories, and it becomes easier to become lean and slim. It’s a good way to strengthen the bones and joints of the body. Running also helps to develop brain health by increasing the attention, concentration and etc. Running adds years to our life.

Running should happen in a good pollution free environment and when done during early morning sets us a good mood and keeps us active for rest of the day. Running would become easier if we have friends or like minded people interested in running too.

Running is the easiest, cheapest, effective and the most efficient ways of becoming fit. All we need is good pair of running shoes and we are ready to go. Thus running is most effective and is a very good exercise, which when done regularly is very beneficial. Running is very good for overall health. Thus it is the best form of exercise which provides solution to every problem.


Regular Health checkups


Health is wealth this saying is very apt and real. In today’s fast paced world everything is ready made and fast. The nutrition content of the food that we get from nature has started deteriorating. We work in environments with less oxygen and cleanliness and immense pressure causing depression, the stress factor has increased, and people are experiencing sleeping disorders. We should make a point to follow healthy diet which is balanced and we should also exercise and be fit.

Apart from these healthy practices we should make a point to visit the doctor and have health checkups regularly.  With a good master health checkup we can check the sugar level, blood pressure, cholesterol etc. and when one or two in the list goes beyond normal levels we can gain control over them through proper diet and regular exercise.

As we age or as we grow due to several factors our body tends to become weak and unpredictable, so a health checkup is very effective in terms of tracking our body’s health. We can also find out if anything is wrong at an early stage and work accordingly. It’s wise to take regular health checkup to maintain a healthy body. Some of the diseases are completely curable when detected at an early stage. A master health check up can be useful in preventing many diseases and also to stay stress free ensuring our health is in good condition.

Few of the disease do not show the symptoms at an early stage, at this juncture a health checkup can be really advantageous. Health checkup include examination of the abdomen, skin, heart, eye, mobility, nervous system, blood, temperature, weight, height and much more.

There are health care centres and hospitals accepting insurance in US and membership enrollment for regular heath check ups to make them affordable for public.